Good etiquette gives an advantage to younger children by polishing their social skills. Children will learn best by practicing the best social skills in and outside the home.


Etiquette skills for adults including hosting formal dinners, decorating and proper table setting arrangements, planning dinner parties, menu planning, and social interactions.



This is a five-part course in etiquette and self-confidence building designed to encourage and build the best social habits for youth and pre-teens. Train yourself to dress to impress or for success.


Developing interaction and leadership skills, social skills, dating and escorting skills, conflict resolution, improving self esteem and attitude, social media etiquette, formal and informal dining etiquette.


Corporate Training Sessions

Business etiquette is the ability to handle yourself properly when interacting with others. If you know what to do, when to do it and how to do it with grace and style, you will have a competitive edge in your career. Etiquette is important because people judge you and your company by what they see and by what they believe to be true. If one is perceived to be uncultured and unrefined, one's business opportunities may suffer accordingly.