Just for Teens (13-17 Years)


What makes Mr. And Mrs. Manners unique? We provide hands-on training. Our interactive approach gives you the opportunity to experience the Training and allows you to fully grasp and remember the information.  Many times, we don’t teach our children and teens social skills they grow up acting and demonstrating that they have a sense of entitlement. Mutual respect is taught. We are a selfish people and most of the time we must teach respect and that means respect for oneself, rather than take things for granted or make a selfish demand. Over the duration of this course, your child will gain confidence, develop poise, will learn to be well-groomed, develop ambition, and be better prepared to navigate their social environment.

The Just for Teens course covers the following concepts:

  • The PTEP concept: Please, Thank You, Excuse Me, and Pardon Me

  • Life Skills

  • Self-Esteem

  • Avoiding Offensive Behaviors

  • Communication Breakdowns

  • The ABC’s of Communication

The course also covers etiquette in table manners:

  • Table Setting: Candles & Centerpieces

  • Components Of a Formal Table Setting

  • Formal Dinner Place Setting

  • Simplest Table Setting

  • Lunch Place Setting

  • Continental & American Style

  • Hosting a Tea Party - A Tea Tutorial

  • Thank you notes