Etiquette Training Certification


Mr. And Mrs. Manners is currently accepting a limited number of students to become Certified Etiquette Consultants.

Our Etiquette Training Certification is intended for people who want to own their own Etiquette Training business. Mr. & Mrs. Manners is looking for people who posses the following attributes:

  • Integrity and trustworthiness

  • The desire to help people learn and grow, especially young people.

  • A strong work ethic

  • Ability to work independently

  • Willingness and ability to learn

  • Strong interpersonal and social skills

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Comfortable giving presentations and public speaking

  • Professional Appearance

Becoming a Certified Etiquette Consultant (CEC) provides a great opportunity to expand your vision and help others establish their vision with confidence and knowledge to fulfill their goal. It provides financial freedom, time flexibility and the satisfaction of working for yourself instead of working for someone else. Our extensive CEC training covers aspects of the business including train-the-trainer presentation and content skills, business management and operations, as well as comprehensive training in etiquette and social skills for children and adults.

Our Training Manual plus teaching-gives one a step by step timetable for preparing each class and teaching the class with superior confidence. Our program is about relationship building. Hands on training technique is a true learning experience.